Call it a Mantiques store, and that's sure to get a guy's attention.

A new store in downtown Lufkin is selling all kinds of blasts from the past, like old phone booths, jukeboxes, and slot machines.  

Remember those cool jukeboxes?  They were just bigger iPods, that's all.  And the slot machines...My grandpa kept an old slot machine in a spare bedroom, and every time I went to his house growing up I would sniff out grandma's secret stash of nickels, put one in, and pull the handle.  One time I accidentally hit the jackpot and the machine just kept dinging and flashing and spitting out nickels, and the entire family found out I had been sneaking away to play.  Caught red-handed!  Maybe you can round up a new slot machine for yourself at this new store.

Texas Coin and Mantiques shop is in the center of downtown Lufkin.  KTRE says it's one of several vendors helping to revitalize downtown, and this is its first week open for business.  With all the boutiques downtown that wives love, this gives you fellas something to do!

The store buys and sells gold and silver coins too.

Have a good weekend!