When you barrel down the highway in excess of the speed limit, and you accomplish this monumental feat in "Smalltown USA", you could be in for a showdown at the OK Corral.

I'm speaking from experience here, because the only moving violation I received, happened nearly 20 years ago, in a tiny hamlet called  Paradise Valley, Arizona.

The public officials, as I recall, were more than pleasant about asking me to relinquish $165 for doing 68 in a 55 mile per hour zone.

That's kind of what happened to 77 year old grandma Lynn Bedford when she was red-lighted for going 66 in a 50 zone...except that she was arrested when trying to explain to Sgt. Gene Geheb that her actions were due to an over loaded bladder.

Look, here is the straight dope (may be I shouldn't use the word "dope") when the law wants to "vehicle" talk with you, and you have other intentions.

(1)  Turn off the ignition.

(2)  Place your hands on the steering wheel at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock (remember high school Driver's Ed.), letting the law see that your hands are in plain sight.

(3)  If you keep your license in your wallet or purse, advise the officer that you are getting the document, and try to do it with one hand still on the steering wheel, because one awkward reach, and your story may never be heard.  Same goes for the registration and insurance  --  speak your actions, and try to do it  --  one-handed!

(4)  Explain your situation - briefly - such as "I have a medical condition that causes disruption in my body, and I was hoping to find a restroom along the highway" (if not from the area, and be ready to prove your condition).  You can also plead your case by saying "I always obey posted speed limits, however, this is one time in my 61 years of driving, I wasn't paying attention to the speedometer, because I was looking for a bathroom" (again - don't say it, if it's not true).

I believe both parties were negligent here.  Grandma should have been more cooperative (regardless of her age), so she gets a 3 rating on this (10 being worst), and COPper should have exercised much, MUCH greater tolerance and restraint, so his rating is 7.5 for a horrible display regarding job responsibility (for not considering her age).

In summary, I'm going to send the Keene police department my Season 1 DVD collection of "Adam-12".

But, you watch the video and form your own opinion.  Let me know what you came up with.