I always do my best to keep you updated on what's happening in the world of beer, and today I found a nice little nugget that might help keep you happy at your outdoor barbecues this summer.

What's the best way exactly, to keep that beer cold?  It may not matter so much with subsequent beers, but the first and second ones sure do taste best if they're ice cold. So what's the secret?

Experts have spent valuable time and money researching this, so we'd better heed their advice.  Here's the big takeaway;  Keep that beer can or bottle from sweating!

Researchers at the University of Washington figured out it's the condensation on the bottle that zaps the cold.  Keeping the beer inside a koozie helps, because the koozie keeps the condensation from settling on the outside of the can.  Without getting too scientific, water releases heat, and you don't want droplets of it lingering on the outside of your cold beer can.  The water will suck the cold right out.

So...at your summer barbecues, keep the cans in a cooler full of ice to get the beer nice and frosty, then wipe off the can with a towel so there are no drips of water left, and stick it in a koozie for maximum coldness.  Then enjoy!  Responsibly of course.