How could opening night baseball have the audacity to showcase the Texas Rangers versus the Houston Astros?

Before you throw me to the lions, hear me out.  I'm tired of hearing about parity and realignment.  Moving the Astros into the American League is senseless and idiotic.  Are the politicians now running baseball???

It took me five innings last night to realize that this wasn't a pre-season, or interleague game.  Certain things should just be left alone, and if Bud Selig would have kept his cherished Milwaukee Brewers in the American League - where they belonged - then this change would not have had to happen.

No brains in leadership today.  Tell me Mr. Selig, was screwing the Astros, their fan base, and purists alike, the most pressing concern of Major League Baseball last year?

America's past time is in need of many fixes, starting with the fitness freaks hiding behind union representation that undermines the illegal, and unfair gain, of steroid use.  Hey Bud, for starters, how about zoinking Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Ryan Braun for juicing up on their unfounded power.  And while you're at it, put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame already.

There is drug testing in the private sector, so why not in professional sports.  The ones objecting to this measurement are probably shootin', sniffin, or injectin' on the side, and no matter how great the athlete perception is, zero tolerance is fine with me, especially when they are being paid in the millions.

Getting back to the displacement of the Astros, it's not their fault, but my plans to see the team play will be reserved for May 27, because that's when the Colorado Rockies, a National League step brother, visits Minute Maid Park.

Batter Up!!