As a big Texas Rangers fan, I usually put on a Josh Hamilton t-shirt after church on Sundays, and get a bag of chips and watch the game in the easy chair. the kids are yelling for Dora, and asking for juice, and doing the things kids do. I TRY to watch the Rangers anyway.

The game wasn't quite the same yesterday without Josh Hamilton. He was admitted ot the hospital the day before with an intestinal virus. What was it?

Doctors said it was the norovirus, most commonly found on cruise ships. Josh hadn't been on a cruise ship, so who knows how he contracted that. You may have seen him resting his hands on his knees in the Arizona game Thursday. He started that game but had to come out in the 8th inning because the virus was starting to whoop him. But he's better now.

Hamilton is out of the hospital and should be back in the lineup for the Rangers tonight in San Diego.

The awesome weather in San Diego makes it the perfect time to come back. The Texas heat can complicate the recovery process for sure.

So Rangers fans, so you think the Rangers can make it a third straight world series?