Are you a basketball fan?  If not, then strike the "enter" button and kindly move on to the next story.

Can't help being somewhat overjoyed with the Houston Rocket acquisition of Jeremy Lin.  The New York Knicks loss the way I see it.  Now Lin can play B-Ball without having extraordinary pressure placed upon him to perform.

He's a good player devoted to the game through entertaining basketball skills that is sure to brighten up Texas like a great Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

Remember when Hakeem Olajuwon was the center of attention and affection for Rockets fans between 1984-2002?

You might be interested to know the back story on this, which is the Rockets actually owned Lin before he departed for the "Big Apple".  Guess he was just tuning up his career in Madison Square Garden.

But, those days are over now, and it's time for East Texas to revel in LINSANITY!