Could some pesky criminals in another part of the world knock you offline Monday?

The FBI says it could happen. But there are ways to check your computer now, to know if it's infected.

Last fall the FBI worked with law enforcement agencies across the world to apprehend criminals in Estonia who created malware that knocked people off the internet. The malware redirected browsing sessions to fake websites that looked like the ones you intended to go to. There was some sort of agreement by the government to maintain servers that would protect infected users, but that agreement ends Monday, and that day infected users won't be able to get online.

Lives would be ruined if we couldn't get online! Work would stop, chaos would ensue.

So check your computer now to see if you have anything to worry about. The government says the website to go to is, and click the link that says "detect." If you get a green box you're fine, if a red box pops up you need to remove the malware.

If you update your computer regularly you should be okay, but if you have a pc you neglect, you might be internet-less on Monday. We shudder to think!