Imagine living about one mile from work, and because of a disability, you are unable to drive, so you climb aboard the local transit (bus) system.

Coping with a 30 minute top-to-bottom ride to work is acceptable, but spending nearly two hours going home is clearly not.

The journey through Nacogdoches apparently stems from budget cuts at Brazos, which in turn, have reduced the number of routes from three, down to two.

Brazos has been carrying riders in Nacogdoches for over ten years now, but is unfortunately funded via the Federal Highway Administration through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

After hearing about this, my skin crawls.  I'm sure with all the earmark spending that goes on in Washington D.C., money that should go to Brazos is shipped to Alaska, in order to better understand the polar bear hibernation and its affect on the salmon population!

While the meetings at this stage are informal, a committee has been formed to voice concerns over this issue, but unless the City of Nacogdoches has room in their budget to kick into "the kitty", the end result may be nothing more than a stalemate game of chess.