When we're in the mood for lemonade or peach tea, there are packets of powder available that miraculously transform our bottled water into our drink of choice just by adding a little drink packet and mixing it up.

Is it possible to do that with beer?  The inventions never cease!

There's a company in Alaska called Pat's Backcountry Beverages that's selling packets of beer concentrate.  No kidding!  To mix up the beer you just have to put a carbonation tablet in a bottle of water and add in the beer concentrate.  The Youtube video below demonstrates how the carbonation process happens.

How great would this be for camping trips this summer? Lugging a case through the woods could be a thing of the past! We don't know how it tastes though, so I guess that might be a dealbreaker.

A four pack of the beer packets cost about $9.99, the bottle costs $29.99, and the carbonation tablets are 50 cents each.