Rollling Stones fans have been waiting to see if 2012 will bring an anniversary tour, and the answer came this week. Nope!

The band has revealed it's just not ready. Cuz after 50 years, if there's one thing you need it's more practice! The Stones have left open the possibility of a new tour down the road, just not now. There are some other new projects in the works.

Ketih Richards reveals The Stones will reconvene soon, perhaps next month, to get ready for new recording sessions.

And a new Stones documentary is due out this fall that will celebrate the band's 50-year career. The film will feature new interviews with the band members, plus lots of rare footage and previously unheard music.

The Stones say maybe they'll tour in 2013. You know this is the band that never quits, so something tells us they'll be back on the road. We'll just have to wait for it.