Again, I'm not really a statistics guy, and readily admit that percentages of  some arbitrary poll excite me about as much as waiting for a  five mile-per-hour, 100 car train to pass through a highway crossing, when I'm already tardy for an appointment.

But, I was pleasantly surprised to hear, that uninsured drivers in Texas has dropped nearly 35% compared to one year ago!   What does this really translate into?  Nearly 2.5 million numbskulls are currently behind the steering wheel today without minimum insurance ( a state law violation), compared to 4.2 knot-heads last year.

Feel better?

Being cited for lacking proper vehicle insurance carries a fine up to $350 on the first offense and up to $1,000 and possible license suspension if you dare to get caught twice.  But, I'm just wondering how someone that cannot afford insurance will pay the fine, and if that task proves doubtful, what then, puts the "brakes" on repeat offenders?

Can't help thinking that flattening three tires ($350) on the first offense, then breaking a window and ripping out the fuel pump, in addition to the flats upon a second violation, may send a stiffer message ($1,000).  Too drastic?  Let me hear from ya'll!