We've known the Oscars love Martin Scorcese...he always seems to win and achieve greatness in the eyes of the critics. The famed director has another nomination as of today. The Oscars love Brad Pitt too, with lots of kudos for Moneyball.

The Oscar nominations were announced earlier this morning, and Brad Pitt is nominated as a lead actor and producer for Moneyball. Brad's buddy and fellow prankster, George Clooney, is also nominated in the lead actor category. George gets his nod for The Descendants. If one of them wins, watch for a little friendly jab at the other during the acceptance speech.

USA Today offers a glimpse at all the nominees.

The winners will be announced with all the typical fan fare on February 26th.

Unfortunately, Hangover II didn't get one of those presigious nominations. Fingers crossed for a sequel!