With the season opener just two days away, I found an article highlighting the Top 20 walk-up songs that get baseball players pumped.

Honestly, some of the songs are downright terrible. A couple of the players chose songs from pop stars Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus (really?!), but after reading their reasoning, the song choices make sense. Still, I would cringe if I had to hear those songs before a big game.

Here are three of our favorite MLB walk-up songs from that list:

#13) Mark Texeira listens to 'I Wanna Rock' - Twisted Sister

There's no great story behind the New York, N.Y. Yankee first baseman's decision to go with this '80s hard rocker by Twisted Sister. In fact, his reasoning is best explained by the song's title. "Most people like that loud, get-you-going type of music," he told ESPN.com. "And we're at a baseball game, we're not at a tennis match, so I like it loud and fun."

#4) Tim Lincecum listens to 'Break on Through(To the Other Side)' - The Doors

With his long hair and lanky frame, the San Francisco, Calif. Giants' ace is a throwback to another time, so it's fitting that he would choose this 1967 song. Besides being a fan of Oliver Stone's biopic about the Doors, Lincecum has a personal connection: Doors frontman Jim Morrison once bumped into Lincecum's father -- a Doors fan himself -- as Morrison bounded through the crowd at a Seattle concert.

#2) Trevor Hoffman listens to 'Hell's Bells' - AC/DC

As relief pitcher Hoffman prepared to match the all-time consecutive saves record in 1998, the San Diego, Calif. Padres entertainment department decided it would be fun to have him enter the game to this 1980 AC/DC song. Hoffman tied the record the first night they played the song, but -- despite another AC/DC intro -- blew a save the following outing. Still, the song became synonymous with Hoffman, the tune's ominous bell intro signaling the arrival of baseball's most fearsome closer with every outing. "It's not a song I'd want to hear in church," Hoffman told the San Diego union-Tribune in 1998. But, later, he noted that it did get the crowd riled up. "It's just loud, that's all."

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