The always stylin' Rolling Stones drummer has been noticed. While many rockers are picked for the worst dressed among entertainers, Charlie Watts is on the BEST dressed list! Nice goin' Charlie!

Mr. Blackwell always used to put out his best dressed list, and since he passed, Roger Stone of is doing it in Blackwell's honor. He picked Watts in his Top 10 recently. Did any other rockers make the list?

Nope! You'll find some politicians though. Guys, if you want to impress the ladies this year, here are the men you should model your wardrobe after.

Stone's 10 best-dressed men of 2011:

* Joseph Gordon-Levitt, actor
* Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer
* Larry Kudlow, CNBC host
* Gordon Woodrow, longtime Republican U.S. Senate staffer
* Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II
* Alan Flusser, men's wear designer
* Johnny Depp, actor
* Jacob Stein, lawyer
* David Beckham, soccer star
* Josh Mankiewicz, NBC reporter
* Bill Clinton, former U.S. president

Stone's worst-dressed men of 2011:

* Michael Moore, filmmaker
* Larry King, former CNN host
* Simon Cowell, The X Factor judge
* Jesse Ventura, TV host and former politician and wrestler
* Charles Schumer, New York senator