Okay, so you blew through a yellow/red at the intersection of Chestnut and Timberland at 1 in the morning, forgetting all about it until that "notice of violation" showed up in the mail.  All of a sudden that hazy moment of should I or should I not have entered the intersection become a blow to your wallet.

Let me forewarn you, that if you plan on disputing the charge, be prepared to view an 8 x 11 glossy of your alleged violation.  Why do I say alleged?

You are entitled to challenge the infraction by requesting (in writing) an "administrative adjudication of the civil penalty within thirty days after receipt of the notice of violation", this according to the policy on automated traffic light enforcement as published by the city of Lufkin.

(What?  Pardon me momentarily while I phone a lawyer friend of mine to translate!)

In other words, you may write down your request for a hearing within thirty days of receiving notice of the violation.  You will then be notified of a date and time to appear before a "hearing officer" assigned by the city council.

Good Luck!