Powerball Jackpot Soars To $425 Million [VIDEO]
Lottery alert East Texas!
The "Powerball" jackpot will put some lucky folks on easy street, whereby opening the door for others to take a job that would not ordinarily be available.  Now, that's what I call stimulating the economy.
Man Saves Dog Before Wife When Yacht Starts Sinking
Watching the movie "Titanic" last night (not the 1953 version with Barbara Stanwyck, but the 1997 flick starring Kate Winslet), one my favorite scenes is when actor Billy Zane (Cal) realizes his money won't help him survive, so he cleverly grabs a child and secures a spot in a…
Texas Kids Play Outside Their Home, Mom Arrested [VIDEO]
The City of La Porte (Texas) police department website says "...a professional organization that prides itself in delivering the highest level of service possible."
Inspecting their unsolved crime log dating back to September 2011, it appears that burglary is the crime of choice, but this c…
Texas Highway to Turn Into ‘Autobahn’ [VIDEO]
Have you ever dreamed of driving in the Indy 500?  Felt the "need for speed"?  Sped down an open highway just long enough to prove your hot rod was all that?
Well, guess what?  Your urge to test automobile aerodynamics is a mere four hours away, and if you look forward to riding roller coas…