Craziest (Australian) Football Catch Ever? [VIDEO]
In American football, climbing up on your opponent’s shoulders to make a catch will get you flagged. In Australian football, the move, executed by player Andrew Walker, is being lauded as the play of the year.
Walker, of the Carlton Football Club, and his piggy-back ride of catch have…
More Signs Van Halen Is Returning To Action [AUDIO]
Action appears to be brewing in the Van Halen camp.  With rumors swirling that the band is preparing to issue a new single soon,  frontman David Lee Roth posted a cryptic message on his official website over the weekend that declares, simply, "Get Ready ..."
News Anchor Gets BURNED! [VIDEO]
One rule to follow after watching this video: Don't sleep with your coworkers. It might get you trouble later on. ZING!
After displaying a video image of a tiny trophy that English Cricketer Andrew Strauss had won, Australian TV presenter Mark Aiston bantered to his co-host Belinda Heggen that &…