Will Ferrell Super Bowl Commercial Skipped Lufkin and Nacogdoches
Actually, only three select markets in the entire country saw the Will Ferrell Super Bowl commercial live on Sunday.
The randomness of the markets is just as entertaining as the commercial itself!  Remember last year when Will Ferrell's Super Bowl spot only aired in North Platte, Nebraska?  This year…
Women + Vegetables = Banned Super Bowl Ad
According to PETA, this sexually charged Super Bowl ad was rejected by NBC due to a list of complaints that included things like the shot of a woman “licking pumpkin.”
Take a look and let us know — is woman/vegetable love too hot for TV?
The Five Best Super Bowls [VIDEO]
The Super Bowl hasn’t always been so super. In fact, throughout the ‘80s and into the first half of the ‘90s many of the games were blowouts the likes of which are rarely seen during the regular season.
We’ve had better luck with Super Bowls lately, and t…