New Orleans Court Stops Texas Execution
A Texas inmate received a last minute stay of execution Wednesday, and his lawyers say he's suffering from mental illnesses.  It's a case that's been closely watched by the national media, and has given fuel to the conversation about whether someone that's mentally ill shoul…
Longview Woman Who Posed As A Teen Gets Jail Time
31-year old Charity Johnson was arrested in Longview back in May for posing as a sophomore at New Life Christian School, and in a plea agreement this week learned how she'll be punished.
The story made national news when she was arrested, and it's making the rounds again now that the judge …
Pink Floyd Fan Jailed for Cranking Late-Night Tunes
Hey, who doesn't like cranking up some Pink Floyd every now and then and playing some mean air guitar to 'Comfortably Numb'? But apparently a fan in England has taken his love of the band a little too far, a little too late in the night and a little too often.
Texas Prisons Housing Less Inmates These Days
Hate to rain on a parade of allegedly good news, but not putting in my "two cents", would make this story feel rather empty.
The topic at hand is the number of prisoners in jail here in Texas.  Or, dare I say, the decline in incarcerations, which has dropped to its lowest total…
11th Grader Misses School, Gets Jail Time in Conroe [VIDEO]
When I was in 7th grade, Joey Gowdalaba and I ignored the weekly fire alarm drill.  We each took two whacks from the principal's homemade paddle.  Don't know about Joey, but when my daddy heard the story of my open disobedience...well, you try sitting on that hard banana…
Poaching Could Put You In Jail In East Texas
For the hunting enthusiasts out there, and I personally know plenty of them, waiting for the appropriate season and shooting in the appropriate vicinity is all part of the sport.  So, why would you want to hunt illegally and risk damaging your bank account, or far worse, spending time behind ba…
Casey Anthony to be Released From Jail July 13
Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in jail Thursday for lying to investigators in charge of the search for her daughter, Caylee. However, Anthony will be set free on July 13 since she's served almost three years in jail while awaiting trial with a record of good behavior.

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