High School Football Time in East Texas
It's that time of year when movie theaters and restaurants are deserted on Friday nights, because everyone flocks to high school football games. Football in Texas is king, and with the new season upon us, hopes are high that our teams are going to impress and win.
What are the expectations th…
Kids Rake In Allowance Money
Kids have a pretty sweet situation with allowance money these days.
I think I scored $2 per week from my parents to start, and then later on I got an extra $1.50 or $2 for mowing certain sections of the yard. That's how I could afford those hot eleven dollar jeans!
The average allowance nowadays is j…
Ellen Trout Zoo Names Baby Tiger
The new lion cub at the Ellen Trout Zoo has a name! It's been a summer of births at the zoo, with several intriguing new babies born. The lion cub has been named Sango.
The city says the name has meaning - Sango is the Yoruba god of lightning and thunder.
We've got a chance to catch a snea…
Thieves Love the Honda Accord
The Honda Accord seems to be one of the most common vehicles seen on the roads, not only across the US, but right here in East Texas. Driving on the Highway 59 we see tons of Accords, mixed in with several domestic pickup trucks and foreign and domestic SUVs. I’m rockin’ a Chevy Traverse, packed ful…
Outdoor Activity Brings West Nile Virus Warnings
Have you noticed a lot more warnings about the West Nile Virus this summer? I have.
And I have to admit, although I'm usually the family member that warns everyone else about recalls, potential scams, and severe weather potential, I haven't been all that concerned about West Nile. My spouse on the …
Are You Addicted to Your Smart Phone?
I read that 20 percent of us check our smart phones every ten minutes.
I hate to admit it, but I'm one of those helpless, pathetic addicts. I just can't stand not knowing what might be going on inside that phone as it sits there on my desk. Has someone sent a text? What new emails have just landed…
Texas Boy Told He’s Too Big to Play Football
Six feet tall and 300 pounds sounds like a good size to play football. But apparently that's too big at age 12, and in that case league rules say the boy will have to stay on the sidelines.
Fox Sports Southwest did a story that many media outlets are covering, on the 12-year old boy from Mesqui…
Nearby City is in the Top 10 for Being Receptive to Bald Guys
Bruce Willis looks good bald. Can you even picture him with a full head of hair? Me neither. He might look goofy.
Other guys might look goofy with no hair. It all depends on the shape of the head I suppose, right? Having a head that's thin with good proportions seems to be of extreme importance …
Nearby Town Named the Oddest in the US
Texas has its share of strange town names.
The state is dotted with towns with names that stand out like, Nimrod, Bug Tussle, Uncertain, Zipperlandville, and Ding Dong.
But thankfully, none of those were singled out by a new article featuring the most unfortunate town names in the US. Findmypast.com g…

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