The Military Wants You to Eat MREs for 21 Straight Days
The US Army might not be known for it's awesome culinary creations, but at the very least they'd like to make the food better for the troops.  And if you're willing to eat MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) for three solid weeks, you can help make that happen.
Brown Eyes Are More Trustworthy Than Blue
Have you put much thought into the idea that your partner or sig other's eye color may be a sign whether they are likely to lie to you? Me neither. But apparently those of us with blue or green eyes are naturally more inclined to sneak around behind our partners' backs.
According to a new…
New Study Examines the Shortened Life Expectancy of Rock Stars
Any rock fan worth his or her salt is aware of the "live fast, die young" mythology surrounding the music -- and lord knows we've all seen more than enough musicians succumb to the stereotype. But a new study suggests the phenomenon might be far more widespread than previously…