Hood Slide Goes Hilariously Wrong
The hood slide was popularized by good ol’ boys Bo and Luke on the TV series ‘Dukes of Hazzard.’ The move has been repeated millions of times since, but usually without the Duke’s well-practiced accuracy.
10 Dumb Criminals Caught In the Act
While intelligence isn’t a prerequisite for a life of crime, it certainly would’ve helped these ten boneheaded scofflaws. One clumsy bank robber shoots himself in the foot, a thief can’t figure out how to operate a door as a means of escape and another gets hopelessly stuck while trying to break int…
Pete Townshend Sells Publishing Rights To Back Catalog
In a deal that reportedly took three years to complete, Pete Townshend has sold all the publishing rights to his entire catalog – approximately 400 songs between the Who and his solo career – to the Spirit Music Group, a firm that specializes in placing songs in commercials, movies and television sh…
Slash’s Album Title and Cover Art Released [VIDEO]
Fear the top hat, Slash is back! The legendary former Velvet Revolver and Slash’s Snakepit guitarist announced the May 22 release of his second studio album, ‘Apocalyptic Love’ on his own Dik Hayd International label.
The album comes shortly after the April 14 induction of his first band, Guns N’ Ros…
Bartender Serves Up 120 Sake Bombs in 8 Seconds [VIDEO]
Watch as this bartender pulls off the seemingly impossible task of making 120 sake bombs happen in a mere 8 seconds.
This guy impresses the heck out of us, as we can barely make one drink in a timely fashion at a party, let alone one hundred and twenty with so much gusto...

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