Texas Really Wants You to Catch Rainwater
Not every state gets excited about catching rainwater, but Texas does.
Texas will give us an award for doing it well, and there are tax incentives.  Oh, and we can even drink it.  But there's an art to it.
Fixing The Water Cooler, After I Broke It
Never take anything for granted. I have been hurting my thumb on this water cooler since I broke it. The hard plastic digs in to my flesh! So today with the brand new faucet, we set out to fix the one place everyone congregates.
This Is The Best Way To Save A Water-Logged Phone
Oh, the horror when we jump off the boat into Sam Rayburn Lake, only to realize the phone is still in our pockets!  And sometimes it falls into the toilet and gets soaked that way. Besides panic, what is the first thing we should do?  This method is the best one to save a wet phone, accord…
One Texas Town Is About to Start Drinking Toilet Water
This is what the drought will do for ya. It becomes necessary to look for other sources of drinking water besides lakes and rivers, and one town in Texas is turning to toilet water.
The water will go from toilets, to the wastewater treatment plant, and back to faucets essentially.
Where is this happen…
BREAKING NEWS: ‘Water Boiling’ Urged in Livingston
This emergency fax just came across my desk.  Well, I really don't have a desk.  More like a chair and a box.  But, if I were to paint the box a brownish/beige, it may pass for a desk.
Anyway, on a serious note, this urgent message from the Lake Livingston Water Supply & Sewer Servi…
Whiskey And Water Bar Trick [VIDEO]
What's better than happy hour?  Making money during happy hour!  Bet one of your friends or another pub patron that you can pull off this trick.  It's easy and we'll show you how.