State Representative Bill Zedler is busy these day introducing new Texas law that would require "striptease artists" to publicly display a license to do such.  But where would you put the document for all to see.  How about on their "&^*%$#@)#"?

Okay, so maybe the "piece of paper" will hang on a wall inside the dressing room, but one of the real motives behind Zedler's law is to keep the "ladies" from becoming involved in this specialized field of employment, whereby the tips far exceed the salary!

Don't no what all the fuss is about, except maybe for the fact the girls will be required to take some sort of multiple choice quiz.  And, no math questions please, since counting money accurately already goes with the territory, and making change doesn't come into play.

Maybe the test will need some "quanitative analysis & rational reasoning" questions, such as:

If patron "A" winks at you three times in 60 seconds, and before you take off your bra, do you get greedy by instantly leaning down in seductive movement to grab the moo-la, or do you wait until full frontal nudity in hopes of getting more dough-ray-me?


If patron "B" flashes a C-Note, and you get a glimpse of this while hanging upside down legging the pole looking over your right shoulder, do you cut your three minute routine  down to a minute and a half?

There is no doubt, with all the problems in our World today, that this bill should not leapfrog to the forefront of political agendas.