Guys, your odds have improved over the past few years, but US Census figures say there are still more young, single guys in Texas, than there are young, single women. 

In other words, it's slim pickens for guys, but the odds of finding a mate have tipped in favor of women.  Ladies, there are plenty of 18 to 34 year-old men to pick from!  Really?  Ask any gal if she feels like there's an abundance of single guys out there and she'll probably roll her eyes and say, "What EVER!"  But the statistics say they're out there.

The New York Times recently ran a story that said men as a percentage of single young people is now at 55 percent in Texas.  In 2006, about 56.7 percent of the young single population in Texas was male.  

So dating odds have gotten slightly better for guys over the past six or seven years, but young, single men still outnumber young, single women. 

Wanna know where to move to find the biggest pond full of unmarried women, fellas?  It looks like your odds are slightly better in Delaware or Massachussets, according to the NY Times article.  Wyoming and Alaska have the worst odds.  It's great for gals up there, but guys have plenty of competition from other young, single bachelors.

Destiny can hook you up with your mate anytime, anywhere, right?  So look on the bright side.  In states like Wyoming, Alaska, and Texas fellas, you just have a lot less to sort through before you find "the one."