Okay, Dad's don't usually want cute and cozy kittens.  You want tools!  Cars!  Things with power attached!  Right?  Or do you...

Ask Men did a survey and found out what most guys want. 

On the list, Barbecue Tools.  This helps guys relax, create, and become the master of their culinary domain.  Agree?

Other items Dads want include wine.  That's number 5 on the list.  Not beer?  Perhaps it's the gift giver who feels funny about giving Dad a case of cold, frosty beer with a big bow on top.  Dads may not mind.  But wine works too.

The number one thing Dads want for Father's Day, according to Ask Men, is Landscape Services.  Dad doesn't necessarily want the tools to do it himself.  He wants it done!  A professional lawn service gives Dad the chance to kick back with that bottle of wine and the grilling tools while admiring his clean yard.


Father's Day is Sunday!