I hope you strung up the Christmas lights on the outside of the house last weekend, because this will not be the weekend to do it!  Unless of course you like getting pelted in the face with rain and a ball of sleet while you're up there on the ladder.

We'll avoid the worst of the wintry weather that's about to hit Texas, but the National Weather Service says we'll have the chance of freezing rain by Saturday night.

When will it end?

It's not often that the weather forecast includes a 100 percent chance of anything, but the National Weather Service says we have a 100 percent chance of rain on Friday. That could change to freezing rain sometime Saturday night into Sunday.  If you have plans to travel further north and west, you could run into bigger problems with sleet, freezing rain, and slick roads.

If you don't have a nice big supply of firewood and hot chocolate at the house, you might want to stop and pick some up today.  We'll be in the 40s tomorrow, and in the mid 30s on Saturday.  Drive safely.