Do you keep to yourself at work and try to ignore all those annoying things your co-workers do?
Linkedin did a survey, and that revealed quite a few things that upset co-workers. Surely YOU don't do any of these things.  It's just those dang colleagues of yours.
Top Five Pet Peeves in the U.S.:

1. People who don’t take ownership of their actions.
2. Constant complainers.
3. People who don’t clean up after themselves when using the fridge, the microwave or other common areas.
4. Boring meetings that start late or go way too long.
5. People who consistently seem to miss your email.

Brazil hates gossiping.  Germany is upset with dirty common areas like fridges and microwaves, and India could do without loud and annoying ringtones.  We all have the same problems, in other words.

We could go on and on.  

  • In the U.S., 62 percent of female workers said they were bothered by fellow employee clothing that’s too revealing for the workplace.  Just 29 percent of men were bothered by that.  Hmm.
  • American workers are more upset than employees in other countries when it comes to taking food that isn’t yours from the office refrigerator.

Those who took the survey had to select the most annoying office behavior from the following list.  Maybe you'll see some that stand out.  Feel free to vent on our Facebook page!

Loud typing
Loud talkers/people who take calls on speakerphone
Loud or irritating mobile phone ringtones
People chatting by your workspace
Chewing gum
A pungent-smelling lunch
Taking food from the refrigerator that isn’t yours
Dirty common areas (such as a dirty community microwave or refrigerator)
People throwing things in your garbage
People borrowing and not returning items from your desk
Too much perfume
Grooming (filing/clipping/polishing nails, tweezing, etc.)
Clothing that’s too revealing for the workplace
Constant complainers
Eavesdropping and then chiming in
Too much talk about health issues, spouses, children
Colleagues who make too many personal phone calls
Office pranks
Too many meetings
Starting meetings late or going long
Hitting “reply all” on mass employee emails
People that don’t respond to emails
People who send too many unimportant e-mails
Not filling an empty printer with paper

My goodness, how do we survive every day?  Just crank up the Aerosmith and that will help ya not stress.  Oh, and don't "reply all" unless you really mean it!