With much restructuring this summer, there may have been some doubt about whether there really would be a "back to school" at Lon College in Jacksonville.

Back in May, the president resigned and most of the faculty and staff was furloughed. Then two weeks ago the college filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and said in a statement it was operating with core staff and had support from creditors to restructure.

Will classes happen this fall?

The news came yesterady that Lon Morris College does plan to offer a full core curriculum online and on campus in the coming school year under a newly revitalized academic program. And, this could be great news for students; the school says tuition has been cut by a third, and financial aid is still available. That could be one of the best deals ever on a college education! If you're a coupon-clipper, that's thirty-three percent off.

Lon Morris College is the oldest junior college in the state, at 158 years old. And now, it looks like tradition lives on.