Interviews don’t always go as planned and there have been plenty of awkward moments between musicians and journalists throughout rock history. However, this list features an extremely rare interview phenomenon — the walk-out!

We’ve interviewed hundreds of musicians over the years, but nobody has ever walked out on us (well, except one, who we'll leave unnamed). You think we’d be thrilled about this, but interview walk-outs become iconic moments in the entertainment landscape! Everyone loves seeing an entertainer storm out of an uncomfortable situation and Sex Pistols / Public Image Ltd. frontman Johnny Rotten has one of the best walk-outs in history.

After being shown a tape of the Angelic Upstarts calling Johnny a sellout, the singer affirmed that he didn’t need to explain himself to anyone. After the hosts of British TV show Check it Out kept pressing with the band’s comments against him, Johnny called the segment “a cheapskate comedy interrogation act” before dropping the f-bomb and taking his leave from the set. The rest of PiL was soon to follow.

If you’re a fan of music interviews, you’ve gotta be a fan of Canadian journalist Nardwuar as well. He’s been rockin’ in the free world for 30 years, talking to some of music’s most iconic acts. During Slipknot’s Vol. 3 era, Nardwuar spoke with Shawn 'Clown' Crahan and Chris Fehn backstage. Essentially causing Fehn to break character using a Naughty by Nature song, the long-nosed Slipknot percussionist suddenly stormed off, leaving Nardwuar to hilariously yelp in confusion as to why one of his guests had left.

Check out these 10 Times Musicians Walked Out of Interviews in the Loud List above.

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