It may be a weird event in Colorado, or Pennsylvania, but here in Texas, the "Redneck Games" are a yearly staple - more than once.

Gator Run Off Road Park in Tatum, Texas is handling the first of two "Redneck Games" scheduled for this year.  Make your plans now to attend this weekend (now through July 28).  RV parking and camping spaces are still available, so click here to reserve your space on the dirt.

Where else but the Lone Star state can you find mudding, camping, live entertainment, and a wet t-shirt contest called Mud Chicks Gone Wild? (I'm there!!).  $45 at the gate admits you for the entire event!

Cash prizes will be given out to the first three winners of each competition.  There's the starter toss, mattress chunk, spam eating, mud pit belly flop, and daisy duke "Redneck Games".  Oh, "Big SMO" has you covered on the music scene.

This would be a great site to look at if you need more info, otherwise just check out this video to see what you will be missing by not attending: