When doing business with others, isn't the first impression important in establishing a relationship?

For example, when moving to a new area, and calling a physician's office to make your first appointment, don't you want a friendly voice handling the telephone?  After all, you are going to give your "business" to a complete stranger, so a freaked out receptionist with an abrasive disposition is enough to make me go to the next name in the Yellow Pages.

For what it's worth, here in Lufkin, it took me three months and calling 7 doctor offices before settling on a medical professional who "gets it".

Now, for the story of little Shelbi Walser.  WARNING:  Have some Kleenex at your ready for the first part of my brief diatribe, and an Anger Management Specialist upon conclusion.  Here goes:

It happened in Fort Worth last month, where the 12 year old, who is wheelchair bound, and suffering for a debilitating disease, was brought to tears by the TSA gestapo at DFW.

Apparently, agents found traces of bomb residue on the child, or was it on the child? Somewhere in this humiliating public display, one of the Federal Agent geniuses realized that the wheelchair was the culprit, and by putting her hands on the wheelchair, a foreign substance attached itself to the little girls body.

Okay, there is one argument to be made in favor of the TSA, and that is the plain fact that other countries do use children to carry out despicable deeds, but c'mon...the common sense here is missing terribly.  Getting back to my "doctor" analogy, I want a physician that exudes respectable bedside manner in addition to managing my health care successfully.

After nearly one hour, Shelbi was eventually cleared to resume her trip to Florida, where she was going to receive another round of medical treatment, and I'm just wondering if the facility that treats her regularly, doesn't have chemicals that could similarly be used in manufacturing explosives, and this is what was detected at the airport?

One thing is for sure though, the real terrorists are likely taking note of our weakness, and when you look at the events of our country that has changed our way of life forever, "letting our guard down", seems to the notable theme when it comes to security breaches.

View the video, then send me your thoughts to "rickstnick@townsquaremedia.com".

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