This weekend (8/20-22), could very well be our hottest weekend of the far.  Don't be surprised to see temperatures into the triple digits this weekend, and for that matter deep into next week.  The silver lining in all this is that the humidity is not going to be that bad, at least comparatively to what we usually expect in Deep East Texas.

Even with real temperature readings of about 100 degrees, the heat index is not expected to be near the 105 mark.  We've experienced 'feels like' temperature readings near 110 so far this Summer, but this weekend's heat will still be well into the danger zone when it comes to strenuous outdoor activities.

The mid to upper 90s for highs is expected to last through the upcoming week.  So, as is usually the case for the first week of East Texas football, it's going to be stifling.  It's one thing to be sitting in the bleachers in shorts watching the game.  But, for the players dressed out in full pads...that definitely brings back the sweaty memories.  How about the band members holding on to brass instruments that you could use as branding irons? And, bless the heart of the persons that are the mascots on the football field.  What's not fun about wearing a fur coat, also known as a portable sauna, for 3 hours.

Summertime in East Texas is still going to be around for a while.  We'll still have heat indices into the triple digits through a good portion of September, probably.  So, as a public service and a way to cool you down, we offer a trip back to January and February of 2021.  Ah yes, the snow, the ice, the record-setting cold, the schools closing for something besides COVID.

Here's 150 or so photos to help you cool down.  Enjoy!

Snow Pics 2021

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