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Raining fish is a real thing, rare as it may be, but it can and does rain fish, even in Texas.

It's reminiscent of a scene straight out of 'Sharknado'.  A strange weather event took place during a thunderstorm last Wednesday that passed through parts of Texarkana, Texas. Residents began calling the city in at least four different parts of Texarkana to say it was literally raining small fish in the town that borders Texas and Arkansas. The city's Facebook page posted a pic of the small fish that were falling from the sky and provided the following explanation for why and how this happened to them.

Brandon Thorne, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service's Shreveport office tells the Dallas Morning News "that a line of thunderstorms moved through Texarkana Wednesday afternoon, but added that no warnings were issued in connection to the storms".  After digging through some data and radar images, it didn't appear as if a waterspout ever formed over any body of water in the area during the storms.  So it's a mystery as to where the tiny fish came from and it's also left meteorologists just as confused as the residents who had fish falling from the sky on their heads, vehicles and property.

This kind of weather phenomenon actually has a technical name, 'animal rain'. Animal rain occurs when small animals get swept up by a waterspout or updraft from a storm and then fall back to Earth. Animal rain doesn't only rain fish, but it's been reported to rain bats, snakes, birds, frogs and even jellies, in other parts of the world.

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This is going to be one weather event that will be talked about for years to come in Texarkana.  The comments from the city's Facebook page is worth a good read thanks to all the 'fish stories'!


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