Watch for Harvey Price-Gouging, and Report It
With a week of high rain chances and heavy flooding for Harvey-impacted parts of the state, the Texas Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau are sending the reminder to retailers that they can't hike the price too much on necessary items. If you see that happening, you can report it. …
The Sun is Out!
Are we finally back to normal?  It feels a little more like Texas now that the sun is shining again, and it looks like it will shine all week.  That means five things will happen.
Texas Makes National News With Memorial Day Weather
Just as Van starts to recover from the tornado two weeks ago, more spots in East Texas get hammered by severe weather and flooding.  There was quite a bit of tree damage in Henderson on Monday, along with extensive flooding in Troup.  Angelina County reported high water on FM 2497.  B…
Weather Could Be Messy This Weekend
I hope you strung up the Christmas lights on the outside of the house last weekend, because this will not be the weekend to do it!  Unless of course you like getting pelted in the face with rain and a ball of sleet while you're up there on the ladder.
We'll avoid the worst of the wintry weather that'…
With an 80 Degree Day Today, What’s Next?
The warm weather the past couple of days may be giving you spring fever, but you'll have to contain yourself for a little while.  Today's 80 degree high is not a sign that spring us already upon us, it's simply a sign that there will be thunderstorms because cooler weather is rig…
Dreaming of a Wet Christmas? Santa Delivers.
So it's not white. It's a wet Christmas.
The rumbles of thunder make it seem more like April than December, and if you're traveling today expect the rain showers to continue through tonight. If you're traveling north, the chances of seeing snowflakes increase.

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