Are we finally back to normal?  It feels a little more like Texas now that the sun is shining again, and it looks like it will shine all week.  That means five things will happen.

We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves with the happy thoughts because we're gun shy and we don't want the sky to change its mind, but the forecast says between now and Thursday we'll have sunshine each day and temps between 80 and 88.  Better cut the grass!

  • 1

    Car wash lines will be long.

    We haven't washed the car in a month because of the off and on rain, so we've got road grime to wash off.  And with several days of sunshine in the forecast, we have confidence that now is a good time.

  • 2

    The sound of mowers will be constant.

    Not only is the grass in dire need of cutting after a month of not being able to mow because of rain, but all that water made the grass happy and it's going to grow like crazy now.  We might be getting the grass cut every two or three days.

  • 3

    People with outside jobs will take advantage of every moment to work...finally.

    That includes roofers, home builders, pool builders, fence companies, and landscapers.  Get outta their way.  They're on a mission.

  • 4

    Kids Kids can finally release some of that pent-up energy.

    They can get back on the playground, hit the swimming pool, and climb on that still-damp swing set in the back yard.  Parents rejoice.  They days of hibernation are over.

  • 5

    People are happier.

    The sun makes stressed people less stressed, it makes grumpy people less snippy, and it makes those who tell bad jokes kinda funny.  Life is better when it's sunny!