So, I put on two pots of coffee in anticipation of a great pitcher's duel.  Settled into my favorite LA-Z-Boy (well, actually only have one), and turned on four different newscasts simultaneously on my brand new 42 inch screen television, which at the pace of technology, is outdated today.

Eight different broadcast anchors, fourteen different discussion panelists, impressive graphics, and enough plausible explanations for and against both candidates to make an election party roar, yes indeed -- couldn't wait to go.

Then, my doorbell rang.  "Who is it", I asked.  "Police department", he said.  I was informed that a burglar was running through the neighborhood.  My dog, Renegade, dove for cover under the sofa.  No longer were the Kibbles & Bits important.

After saying good night to the officer, I turned on my house alarm.  A recording of Renegade barking, that was strategically put near all the windows.  Found my martial arts signage in an old box that I've been transporting my entire life.  With a superimposed photo of Bruce Lee, the sign reads, "YOU better know Kung Fu before breaking into MY home".

Back to the election (now 8:22 p.m.).  Forget whom the name of one of the lady panelists was, but whenever her esteemed colleagues tossed it over to her, and without hesitation, she said something to the effect that the winner would be declared easily before midnight, and that Romney's camp would be disappointed.  HA!, I thought.

No matter which way you voted, I was convinced it was going to be a horse race decided by a photo finish.  Was sure the coverage would extend into the wee hours of the morning, for if nothing else, making election viewing history.

The doorbell rang again.  It was now 8:36 p.m.  "Who is it", I asked.  "I'm Kathy, your neighbor...I hear your dog barking uncontrollably, and thought the intruder was back".  "Weren't you frightened to walk over here in the dark with a criminal lurking nearby", I replied.  She said, "I didn't think he'd be right here since you know Kung Fu" (you see, that sign did work, and NO, I am not proficient in martial arts).

With another fifteen minutes passing and no real "red", or "blue" movement, ended up dozing off, only to be awaken by CNN's Wolf Blitzer announcing the race is over.  it was now 11:18 p.m.

Guess it was close for seven innings, then Obama pulled away big time.  I've been to the track and observed many "neck-and-necks", and with a half-mile to go, one horse steps on the gas pedal to tow rope the rest of the race.  Have overheard the losers muttering, "if it was only a mile, instead of a mile and an eighth, he would have won."

Surely had the making for an adventurous evening, but when all was said and done, in the end, the overtone was anti-climatic.

Went to sleep for good at 11:30 p.m.  Not one cup of coffee poured, and not one Totino's Pizza Roll eaten.


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