A final election update now for all you Classic Rockers that are consumed with the artistic endeavors of Q107 and Q1077.com.

It's definitely a race for all ages, and too close to call at the present time.  That's because no data has been released yet concerning the outcome.

There could be even more disruption in the contest as Ohio voters are expected to involuntary engage in a practice called "provisional voting".  This is deemed lawful when a persons legal right to vote comes in question.

Did we have all of these ballot busting nuances 30 years ago?  20 years ago?  10 years ago?  The "grapevine" suggests that no matter which candidate appears to have won, the other will pursue legal action with a battery of attorney's.

That may not be so terrible though.  If the lawyer's persist in arguing their client's wrongdoing long enough, it may take until the next election to produce a winner.

Hey, I got an idea for the future.  Get rid of the "running mates", er, the Vice President's.  How about, for the sake of neutrality and sanity, the loser of the presidency automatically becomes the Vice-President.

When you stop laughing, kindly recognize that I just grounded..............bi-partisanship.

Rick St. Nick in 2016!


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