Having lived in this area (East Texas) my whole life, I've seen lots of things come and go. I've seen shops big and small fizzle out, for whatever reason. I've seen restaurants that didn't make the cut. I've seen other businesses that were around for years come to a close.

As I was considering these, there were a few that came to mind that, in my opinion, should make a comeback to this area.

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    Toys R' Us

    I don't remember exactly this one left Lufkin to be replaced with an Office Depot, but what I do know is that it should come back. Not only does it cater to kids, but let's be honest, they've got cool gadgets for grown-ups, too!

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    Pizza Villa

    How many of you remember this pizza shop in the Lufkin Mall? Huge slices of pizza, so much goodness...replaced by Hot Topic...not quite an equal trade, in my opinion.

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    Still a fresh wound

    Now, I know some of you read that and thought, "They closed ALL their stores, across the nation!" Yes, but I wouldn't mind seeing the original Hastings come back. Remember, before they were a bookstore/movie store/video game store/novelty item store/[insert type of store here] Hastings wasn't that bad.

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    Redland Drive-In

    So, no, this was not one of the places that was around during my lifetime. However, how awesome would it be to bring back the drive-in theater??? The one in Ennis is great, but it's so far...if we had one right here in our backyard, I'd be OK with that.

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    Yes, this is listed as number five on the list, but this is probably what I would want to see come back most of all. If you don't remember, Tilt was the arcade in the Lufkin Mall for years. And, much like Toys R' Us, there was something for everyone in there.

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