I've absolutely had it with stupid, ridiculous, non-nonsensical rules, whereby the people drafting the code should be banished to that island that Tom Hanks was stranded on for four years in the movie "Castaway"!

Further, the lunatics of such gibberish, actually make the guys in the "Dumb and Dumber" flick retain respectability.

Allow me to vent forthright.

There is a five year old in Oklahoma that came to kindergarten recently wearing a University of Michigan t-shirt, and was instructed by the school principal that his attire was unacceptable to this formidable institution of higher learning, and that the little guy had to turn his shirt inside out, or else face the wrath of having an extreme punishment doled out, that would likely scar him from advancing to first grade.

But get this, wearing Oklahoma garb IS satisfactory clothing!  What the "*&^%()^#" is going on in our world today - that a child is chastised - for wearing athletic gear favoring a school not supported in the region where he resides?

Presently, no statement has been issued while the superintendent of the school district has said the policy is outdated and under review.

Here's the whole "ugly" story - ON VIDEO:

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