An enormous asteroid is going to get close to the earth at Halloween. That's kinda scary!

Will it hit us?

We might not notice the articles about this big rock getting ready to pass close to the earth if it weren't Halloween season.  A pitch black sky, a huge asteroid barreling through the atmosphere, and the hauntedness of October....well, it's a little unsettling.  It's a good thing we have that soothing pumpkin spice stuff everywhere to calm us down.

Scientists say the asteroid should pass right on by before dawn on October 31st and we'll all be safe.  Whew!  Well, we'll all be safe except for a few witches that might happen to be in the way I suppose.  Ouch.

For another asteroid this big, we'll have to wait until 2027.

Will we see this one from Texas?  It will pass over the Orion constellation, and with the right telescope you might catch a glimpse.

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