If you're a regular visitor of our website, then you may have already noticed these additions. If not, then this notice is for you.

In light of everything that is going on, we decided to add a couple of new tabs to our websites to keep you up-to-date. This is what you will now see at the top, left-hand side of the home page:

Website Additions 033020

Now, to give you some background info on these tabs.


  • This tab is a collection of any articles that are posted on the website that have to do with COVID-19 or Coronavirus. These will include articles such as school closures that are due to the pandemic, artists' take on what's going on with it, federal and state government actions to deal with it, etc. Basically, any story - national or local - that has to due with COVID-19 will be grouped on this page, where it will be easily accessible.


  • This tab links to one single article that is keeping a running list of local businesses in our area. The purpose of this is so that during this time of uncertainty, people can go check out the page to see who's open, running special deals, opening special hours, etc. There's also a form on the page for business owners to fill out - for free - so that their business can be added to the list.

We just wanted to make you aware of these additions to the website so that you can stay aware and up-to-date.

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