People Are Putting Ice Cubes In Cereal
We can't get online without seeing pictures of food, but there's something new that's popping up alongside the photos of double cheeseburgers and Cuban sandwiches. One of the craziest new food trends is to put ice cubes in cereal.  Hmm.  What's the benefit?
‘Malware Monday’ is July 9th
Could some pesky criminals in another part of the world knock you offline Monday?
The FBI says it could happen. But there are ways to check your computer now, to know if it's infected.
Watch Steve Vai’s Guinness World Record Attempt [VIDEO]
Check out Steve Vai's free hour-long online guitar lesson via livestream. He attempted to set the Guinness World Record on Thursday for the largest online guitar lesson. Though the final numbers and the world record haven't officially been set, Andy Alt of Guitar International estimated at least 7,0…