In today's world, most people have devices that need - or at least, can use - WiFi to work. Whether it's a smart phone, a tablet of some kind, or a laptop, most of us have a device or two that operates on a WiFi network.

That being said, sometimes it can be difficult to find places with access to free WiFi. And, with many students taking online classes, and many people working virtually, the demand for WiFi is constantly growing.

One of our local cities has seen that need, and they've decided to step up and set up several free WiFi locations around town. In a press release from earlier today, the City of Nacogdoches announced that they were making free WiFi available at several of their public facilities around town. Those facilities include:

  • CL Simon Recreation Center and the Judy B. McDonald Public Library
  • Nacogdoches Police Department
  • City Hall Parking Lot

But, there are more free WiFi spots available, aside from the places mentioned above. Several of the public parks around Nacogdoches have pavilions that are equipped for public WiFi use, as well. Those parks are listed below:

  • Banita Creek Park
  • Eugenia Sterne Park
  • Festival Park
  • Maroney Park
  • Mill Pond Park
  • Pecan Acres Park
  • Pioneer Park
  • Ritchie Street Park
  • Robert McCrimmon Park
  • Clint Dempsey Soccer Complex
  • Liberty Hall

The press release stated, "We hope that by having free WiFi available at multiple locations we can assist students and parents during this unprecedented school year."

So, if you or your student is looking for WiFi around Nacogdoches, you can head to the locations listed above.

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