A New York first responder heard the buzz that Whataburger was a thing in Texas, and while he was here helping with the Harvey relief effort he decided to give it a try.

What's your prediction -- will he like it? 


Whataburger posted the video on Twitter, and it's making the rounds on Youtube too. WFAA in Dallas also included it in one of their stories about Harvey relief.  WFAA pointed out just how much Whataburger has been impacted by the hurricane, saying there are 668 Whataburgers in Texas, including 24 in Corpus Christi. In Houston, only five of the 50 Whataburgers there are open after the floods.

The rest of the Texas Whataburger locations have been picking up the slack, and cranking out the burgers and fries for volunteers like this first responder.  Whataburger has also donated about $2 million to different causes within the Harvey relief effort, and tweeted a photo of one of their locations under water, and another with a boat out in front sitting as high as the top of the front door.

The relief effort is going to take awhile, and Whataburger is one of the Texas fixtures that appears to be determined that we can all spread a little love (and cheese) along the way.

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