It's time to act! Hard rocking metal outfit Act of Defiance are on their way back with their second album, which carries the title Old Scars, New Wounds, and is now set for a Sept. 29 street date.

The band have just unleashed a new single and video for the song "M.I.A.," which can be viewed in the player above. The clip is essentially a performance piece, with various visual glitches giving it an edgier feel. As for the song, it's a driving rocker with a killer guitar solo midway in.

In addition to "M.I.A.," other key songs on the disc include "Conspiracy of the Gods," "Another Killing Spree," "Lullaby of Vengeance," "Overexposure," "Mis-Information Age" and "Broken Dialect." See the full track listing and artwork for the album below.

As you might expect, founding guitarist Chris Broderick gets a chance to showcase his skills. The axeman says, "I actually wanted to tone it down a bit technically in terms of my solos, but the opposite happened! This was because I inadvertently ended up creating a few new techniques to use in my trick bag and saw their potential, so I worked really hard on the execution so they could make the record."

Act of Defiance have launched the pre-order for the new album, which you can get in CD and vinyl formats. There are also pre-order bundles available. Head here for pre-order information.

As for touring, details for the band's live shows will be released soon.

Act of Defiance, Old Scars, New Wounds Artwork

Metal Blade
Metal Blade

Act of Defiance, Old Scars, New Wounds Track Listing:

1. M.I.A.
2. Molten Core
3. Overexposure
4. The Talisman
5. Lullaby of Vengeance
6. Circle of Ashes
7. Reborn
8. Conspiracy of the Gods
9. Another Killing Spree
10. Broken Dialect
11. Rise of Rebellion

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