What a unique way to unleash public speaking talents, and share viewpoints with others.  By standing in the "quad", you are guaranteed an audience, and since it may be constantly moving, the fear factor of speaking openly may become a distant memory.

With election day looming, students at Angelina College took center stage on "Stump Speech Day", and while thinking this exercise is more suited for a political squawk box, it gives those a chance to hone in on their speaking skills.

While the main goal, according to event organizer Jorge Acevedo, was to encourage voting among young adults, providing an uninhibited public speaking domain is a fantastic location to practice the art of capturing an audience.

Sure wish I could have done something like this during my "Speech" classes.  I always remember having to stand in front of the student body, trying to convey my message without the use of "cliff's notes", or a teleprompter.