Everyone carries a phone these days. And, the vast majority - I'd say at least 98% of those phones - are smart phones. And, generally speaking, there are two types of choices from there.

Apple or Android.

Personally, I'm an Apple guy. The iPhone is my preferred phone. I just like the way that the iOS works better than I like the Android system. It just works for me a lot better than the other options. Plus, it talks with other devices - iPad, MacBook, etc. - better, in my opinion.

Now, I do have lots of friends and family members that prefer the Android over Apple. And, let me tell you, those people are sold on Android. They have no intentions of even having a discussion about switching over to ANY Apple products. And, that's their choice, which is fine.

But, I'm curious. What kind of people are y'all? Are you the people that - like me - prefer Apple and the iPhone? Or, are you like the other people that I mentioned, and reach for the Android as your preference?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, if you do let us know, please be sure to include your reasons for your preference. Is it the fact that the hardware is different that makes you like it better? Or, is it the software that you prefer? Or, is it a reason like, you've always had an Android or iPhone, so you just want to stay with what you already know.

Again, let us know in the comments below!

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