As I'm sure you've already heard, this Sunday evening is Super Bowl Sunday. The Philadelphia Eagles vs. The New England Patriots.

Lots of people that I've spoken to are going all-out for the game this year. There are parties planned, tailgates ready, trips to the sports bar, and more.

We want to know, though, what are your plans?

Maybe you're the one hosting the party. Perhaps you've already got the oversized TV set up, the snacks and drinks purchased, and you're just counting down the days until the Super Bowl gets here.

Maybe you and the guys are planning to head to the local sports bar. You know, head on over to Maklemore's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Lanana Creek Ice House, or somewhere else to enjoy the game along with beverages.

Maybe you're just planning on hanging around the house, watching the game from the comfort of the recliner with your family.

And maybe, just maybe, none of these describe you. Maybe you've got your own unique plans for the Super Bowl, or your not even planning on watching it at all. Let us know what your plans are.

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