Ready for the snacks and commercials?  Oh yeah, and football too next Sunday.

I ran across some great recipes for snacks that are worth sharing so here ya go.

I was watching The Kitchen Saturday on Food Network, and they said dips are the number one seller on Super Bowl Sunday.  Then it's wings and pizza, and just about anything else that we can hold with one hand while we have a drink in the other.  Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest food day in America, next to Thanksgiving Day.

The Today Show posted some good recipes, like Beer Bacon Cheese Dip, which has beer and bacon and cheese in at as you might have guessed.  It ends up with that slightly crispy burned cheese on it and you eat it with chips.  Yum.

Ooo, and how about White Pizza Dip.  More cheese?  Yes please.  It's got a ton of cheese in it, and a little bit of oregano and a couple of tomatoes to keep it healthy.  It's served with crackers.

And the Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot recipe is gluten free.  I might start making that one for the kids for Tuesday night dinners so we can get rid of the bags of tater tots in the freezer that I bought when I had a coupon.  They don't like 'em plain but I bet they'd like these.  Easy to pop in our mouths on Super Bowl Sunday too.

The point of all this?  Have fun, don't count calories, and see if you can spot the deflated footballs on Sunday.  Now is the time to start digging up recipes.